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Toner Refill Details

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Welcome To Ashcom  ISO 9001:2015 Certified


Printer Repair Service over 25 Years of Experience.

    We do Top Quality, Full Quantity, Fast & Quick Refilling

    H.o: Nungambakkam - 9710 49 49 49, 044 - 2822 7131
    Also at: Adyar, Anna Nagar, Purasawalkam, Parrys, Tambaram (West),  Velachery, Ashok Nagar, Mylapore, Virugambakkam,   Porur,  Saidapet,  Ambattur.
    T.Nagar - High Quality German Refilling

    Branches - Outside Chennai

"Original Cartridges are Very Costly. Takecare of them & Refill only at Ashcom"

ashcom Nungambakkam

We refill all Laser Toner printer cartridges & ink-jet cartridges with great care. We have the world's best Toner powders, OPC drums & Ink-jet inks.

With more than 25 years of experience and thousands of satisfied regular customers; Ashcom is the most reliable & trusted name for cartridge refill in Chennai.

Excellent Quality Raw Materials + Best Price + Quick Refill + Experienced and friendly staff,
are the secrets of Ashcom success.

We buy used HP Laser Printers - 98410 11947

About Us / Our Bank / GSTIN

We are the pioneers in the field of Laser Toner & Ink-jet ink Re-Filling and Re-Conditioning business. We guarantee World-Class, Top Quality cartridge refill at Best Price. Ashcom has its regd. Head Office at the heart of Chennai (Nungambakkam).

German Refilling is a trademark of Ashcom

With 15 Branches & Over 10 years of experience in the Refilling business, we are truly the Godfather in this field. Our strength & success has been due to our 10,000 & more satisfied customers & also the # 1 High Quality, factory fresh raw materials we use.

Best quality refill

Well Trained & Experienced Ashcom staff handle your cartridges with great care and offer a “Quick Refill” in 10 to 20 minutes. All our staffs are very experienced, friendly & Co-operative.

We stock the World’s Best, Top Quality Laser Toner powder, Multi-life OPC Drums, Micro chips, Dr. Blades / Wiper, Ink-jet inks, PCR Rollers etc., for all leading brands like HP, Samsung, Canon, Brother, Ricoh, Kyocera, etc.

toner refill

Compatible & Re-made High Quality Toner Cartridges and XL-inkjet Cartridges (Black-Colour) are available with us, at the very best price.

Our “Ashtone” brand laser toners including 12A, 88A, 78A, 36A Toner Cartridges carry 100% Re-usable & Re-Fillable warranty and are one of our largest selling products.

Our “ChinkTone” brand ink-jet cartridges are of excellent Quality & the black cartridges like 802XL, 818XL, 21XL, 27A, 56A, 901XL, 702XL print approx. 150 to 200 pages. Chinktone XL black cartridges have big size ink sponge inside, and so it prints more pages.

Thank you for trusting us with your valuable cartridges & also for your support. We promise to serve you with a smile, patience & with great care. Please visit our nearest branch to know more about us. Thank you.

You can pay online by NEFT / Paytm / IMPS or Mobile Banking.

Ashcom Bank Details

Company A/C Name: Ashcom
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd
Bank Branch: Nungambakkam Branch
Bank Address: 40, Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam,Chennai 600 034
Current Account No.: 00822560003115
MICR No.: 600240006
IFSC: HDFC0000082
PAN # : AABPN2256N

All the products Supplied by Ashcom comes under GST .

For any clarification please call 98410 11947 / 9600 131 209

Toner refilling chennai


Refill rates for Laser Toner cartridges and compatible Toner cartridges.

For Hp Models *Refill Rates Rs. *New Drum + Refill Rs. *R/C Toner Cartridges RS.
12 A 400 900 1700
88 A 400 900 1600
78 A 400 900 1500
36 A 400 900 1500
05 A 480 980 1500
49 A 480 980 1500
28 A 480 1100 2400
18 A Special
HD Powder
480 1100 - New Powder
53 A 480 980 1500
80 A 480 980 1700
85 A 380 980 2000
70 A 780 1500 2300
16 A 780 1500 2500
90 A 780 1100 2100
93 A 780 1500 -
55 A 480 1100 1800
51 A 480 1100 1700
310 Black 900 (Chip + RF) Drum + chip 1500 1300 each
311 Colour 900 (Chip + RF)
312 Colour 900 (Chip + RF)
313 Colour 900 (Chip + RF)
For Canon Models *Refill Rates Rs. *New Drum + Refill Rs. *R/C Toner Cartridges RS.
103/303 400 900 1700
328 400 900 1900
925 400 900 2000
912 400 900 1900
308 480 980 1500
FX9 400 900 1700
For Samsung Models *Refill Rates Rs. *New Drum + Refill Rs. *R/C Toner Cartridges RS.
1043 400 1100 1800
1610 400 1100 1800
4521 400 1100 1800
103 400 1100 -
108 400 1100 1800
1053 400 1100 1600
109 400 1100 1900
101 400 1100 1300
For Brother Models *Refill Rates Rs. *New Drum + Refill Rs. *R/C Toner Cartridges RS.
Wipro Brother 480 1100 Contact
For Ricoh Models *Refill Rates Rs. *New Drum + Blade Rs. *R/C Toner Cartridges RS.
SP 300 480 each Drum - 550 each,
Blade - 200 each
310 Models 1800
SP 200 480 each - 1900
SP 100
SP 1200 480 - -

Terms: 1.*The above quoted refill rates are "Approximately NET" under the New GST
Scheme as applicable. Pls. check the actual price while purchasing at
shop or by phone.
2.Ashtone brand toner cartridges for HP 12A / 88A / 36A & 78A & for Canon 103 / 328/ 925 can be refilled again and reused, since these are remade with used original plastic shells. For other models of toners., Please check warranty terms while purchasing.
3.Our first Quality multi life OPC Drum for selected HP models carries one refill warranty.(This is not applicable for physical damages from dust, pins,etc. or filled elsewhere) 4.Warranty terms and conditions for compatible laser toners change from model to model. Please understand the warranty for the particular model you wish to purchase.
*Rates may change. Kindly confirm the rate at the time of purchase. These are approx. rate.
*Above model number Trademark is mentioned only for compatibility reference.
If your model is not listed here please contact us.


Welcome to the world of Ashtone & Chinktone cartridges. Most of our customers buy and use Our brand of in house recycled, compatible laser toner & ink-jet cartridges. We have compatible Laser toner cartridges with warranty for all HP, Samsung & Canon printers, PSC & MFD machines.


Ashtone brand re-use original used empty cartridges of HP to make some of our selected compatible laser toner cartridges. Therefore some of our Laser toner cartridge models are refillable and reusable.Every person generates 6kg e-waste a year

Our Ashtone brand laser toner cartridges for HP; like 12A/ 88A/ 36A/ 78A and for canon 328, 925 carries 100% reusable warranty for drum & shell. These toner models can be refilled and reused again as explained below.

ink refill

For eg: The plastic outer shell of above models, can be used upto 9/10 times & the OPC Drum carries 2 usage (one refill) warranty, If they are physically not damaged from dust, pins, etc.

Our Chinktone brand extra sponge Black inkjet cartridges like 802 XL Black, 818 XL Black,21 XL Black, etc. prints approximate 150 to 200 pages. The XL cartridges refilling ink cost Rs.150/- only.


These XL cartridges carry a larger sponge inside & store a larger quantity of ink to print approximate 150 to 200 pages. These XL Black cartridges are available only at ASHCOM. Colour ink cartridges are also available.


Note: All our Ink-jet compatible cartridges and selected toner models come with date of purchase, history and factory fresh in-house packing. All cartridges are checked & packed fresh, when you buy them. We supply these at the best price.


Our Ink-jet compatibles are not like cheap-Chinese compatible brands. They are 100% remade products of India, reusing virgin original empties. Trust & buy one today.

* Warranty terms and conditions for toner cartridges vary model to model, type to type. Please check while buying.

* No Warranty, No Refund, No Return, No Exchange for Ashtone One shot disposable China cartridges and also for black & colour printer cartridges.


refilling 1 quality refill

We have first quality Laser printer & inkjet printer parts like Fuser Films, Pick-up Rollers, Scanner Motors, Carriage assembly-units, Lower rollers, Rubber bushes, Scanner CCD units, Formatter Boards, Encoder strips, Power supplies, etc., with 30 days warranty. Some parts for old model printers are also available. They are re-conditioned, quality tested parts that come with (30 days) warranty.

printer parts printer refill
Pakka Service, Printer Repair Service

Printer Repair Service for all HP, Samsung, Canon Laser Printer-MFD-Scanner-copier and Inkjet printer At Best Price in Chennai city ( An Ashcom Venture )
Pakka Service GSTIN #:  33AAUFP6215E1Z7

ink cartridge refill

Business: 10AM to 7PM
(Sunday Holiday)

H.O & Branches

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CEO & Customer Care

ashcom radhakrishnan

Founder & CEO

Mob: (0) 98410 11947

Email :

Ashcom Regd. Head Office

Lokesh Tower Building (Basement)
Old # 18, Kodambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034, India
(Between Hotel Palmgrove & Valluvarkottam)
Business: 10 AM to 7:30 PM (Sunday Holiday)

Tel# (044)-2822 7131 , 9710 49 49 49, 94449 20000

Thank you for visiting Ashcom. Please contact us on our Customer care or Helpline for any clarification, Enquiry, doubt or compliant. For Corporate/ MNC bulk refill enquires please call us for special rates. You can also Email to We will be glad to help you. Thank you!

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Customer Care: 098410 11947

Helpline: 9600 131 209/ 94449 20000

mail Ashcom whatsApp Ashcom 94449 20000

You can pay online by NEFT / Paytm / IMPS or Mobile Banking.

Ashcom Bank Details

Company A/C Name: Ashcom
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd
Bank Branch: Nungambakkam Branch
Bank Address: 40, Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam,Chennai 600 034
Current Account No.: 00822560003115
MICR No.: 600240006
IFSC: HDFC0000082
PAN # : AABPN2256N

All the products Supplied by Ashcom comes under GST .

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Drums & Chips for Laser Toners


IR opc drums canon

We have excellent 1st quality OPC drums (Organic Photo Conductor drums) for all models of Laser printer toner cartridges, MFD printer cartridges, copier drum units, etc. Our drum gives maximum page yield support that helps you to reduce your cost of printing. They don't get wear & tear easily and are already market tested for more than 9 years. All drums are freshly imported from world's best manufactures and has maximum life that surprises you with long-lasting performances with enough saving. They are economicaly priced. Please call 98410 11947 / 9600 131 209 for details or visit our nearest branch for a quick drum change.

1st Quality Micro Chips

Changing the chip in printer cartridges is technically mastered by Ashcom. These chips are of first quality and gives maximum page yield.

At ASHCOM.... we stock microchips for all laser toner and inkjet cartridges. We replace chips in used cartridges with in 10-15 minutes. It's 100% advantage and worth to trust Ashcom for all cartridge chips. Models *Price
1 For Hp 05, 36, 88, 64 300
2 For Hp 310, 311, 312, 313 350
3 For Hp 314 Drum unit 350
4 For Hp 320 350
5 For Hp 1215 B & C (540) 350
6 For Hp 2600 B & C chip 350
7 For Hp 78 300
8 For Hp 43 400
9 For Hp 400 550
10 For Hp 36 300
11 For Hp 410 B & C 350
12 For Hp 2700 350
13 For Hp 350 B & C 350
14 For Hp 11a 350
15 For Hp 85a 300
16 For Hp 210 B & C 350
17 For Hp 88 only 300
18 For Hp 280 & 80A 300
19 For Hp 925 300
20 For Ink Hp 932, 933 350
21 For Ink Hp 960 350
22 For Ink Hp 950, 951 350
23 For Samsung 3050 350
24 For Samsung 2550 350
25 For Samsung 3325 300
26 For Samsung 5550 300
27 For Samsung PE220 300
28 For Samsung 4200 300
29 For Samsung 4725 350
30 For Samsung 3470 300
31 For Samsung 6320 300
32 For Samsung 2850 300
33 For Samsung 1043 300
34 For Samsung 205 300
35 For Samsung 101 300
36 For Samsung 104 350
37 For Samsung 2050 300
38 For Samsung 1630 300
39 For Samsung 1640 (108) 350
40 For Samsung 2150 300
41 For Samsung 1053 300
42 For Samsung 3119 300
43 For Samsung 4550 300
44 For Samsung 6125/6130 400
45 For Samsung 1550 350
46 For Samsung 508 300
47 For Samsung 4300 (109) 350
48 For Samsung 407 B & C 550
49 For Samsung 4521 fuse Free
50 For Samsung 106 300
51 For Samsung 103 500
52 For Samsung 105 350
53 For Samsung 3220 400
54 For Samsung 2310 400
55 For Samsung 2245 (106) 400
56 For Samsung 4720 300
57 For Samsung 116 300
58 For Samsung 116Drum chip 300
59 For Samsung 4109 450
60 For Samsung 406 450
61 For Canon 328 300
62 For Canon 326 300
63 For Brother setting 320 400
64 For Richo 3300 400
65 For Richo 300 400
66 For Richo 3410 350
67 For Richo 220 400
68 For Richo sp 200 400
69 For Ricoh Sp 100 400
70 For Epson 6200 300
71 For Epson 1200 300
72 For Epson 0652 300
73 For Minolta 1350 350
74 For Toshiba Estudio 182 400
75 For Sharp 5618 400
76 For Lexmark 120 300
77 For Lexmark 204 300
78 For Tk 1114 400
79 For Sharp 201 400
80 For Panasonic 1500/1037 300
81 For Dell 1130 300
82 For Xerox 3010/3045/3040 300
83 For Xerox Phaser 3100 650

Contact Us for Other Models Not listed here.

These are 100% Compatible Chips and are Not of Original Manufactures.

Terms:*The above quoted rates are "Approximate NET" under the New GST billing
Tax slab @ 18%(expt. Ink 12%). Pls. check the actual price while purchasing at shop or by phone.

#1 Quality = ASHCOM

World’s best, Top Quality Toner Powders, OPC Drums and ink-jet inks are our biggest asset. We have been successful only because of these Top Quality raw materials, which we use. All our raw-materials are factory fresh and market tested for years. The Opc Drum which we use for HP Toners are re-usable Double-Life Drums, that can even last for 2 refills.

cartridges printer cartridges

Our Toner powder helps print more number of pages with less wastage. We fill the correct quantity of powder depending on the models refilled. Our Ashtone brand compatible Laser Toner cartridges for HP 12A / 88A / 78A / 36A & canon 103, 328, 925 are refillable 2 times with the same drum & the Plastic Toner-shell can be re-used even up to 9-10 Times; since these are once used original OEM cartridge-shells.

toner refill cartridges refill

“Our INK never fails to JET & we have the Best INK. It’s the INK that JETS”. We have all Pigment, Dye & Photo inks available. The multi-colour ink we use is very vibrant & sharp. Even professionals, advertising agencies & photo print experts refill colour ink cartridges with us. We have specific ink for each type of cartridge.


color cartridges black and white cartridges refill

Compatible China type (Disposable & Compatible) Laser Toner Cartridges are available at a cheaper price. The plastic shell of these cartridges are very flimsy (low quality - flexible) and could disturb your Laser Printer. These Chinese type cartridges have No warranty and are NOT refillable or reusable easily, most of the time. They are mostly disposable (Use & Throw types). In fact after the arrival of Chinese type cartridges we have received huge number of complaints / problems from customers regarding their Laser Printer & its functioning. Some are afraid now, to use such low-quality cheap cartridges with No Warranty. However, if you wish to buy & try one Chinese type toner.

Some of the fast moving models of china type laser toner cartridges and its prices are as follows.
China Type Toner for Hp *Rates in Rs.
12A Toner 750
88A Toner 800
36A Toner 900
78A Toner 900
05A Toner 1200
540 Colour Toner Each 1500
2600 Colour Toner Each 2100
310 Colour Toner Each 1300
320 Colour Toner Each 1500
China Type Toners for Samsung *Rates in Rs.
101 Toner 1300
103 Toner 1700

Terms: 1.*The above quoted rates are "Approximate NET" under the New GST billing Tax
slab @ 18%(expt. Ink 12%). Pls. check the actual price while purchasing at shop or by phone.
2.These are Chinese made disposable cartridges with No Warranty.
3.No Refund. No Replacement. Not Re-usable. No Exchange.

We Buy Empty Cartridges

At ASHCOM, we buy once used virgin empty inkjet & Laser Toner cartridges for Remaking & Recharging. We offer the best price for your once used original empty cartridges.

12A Toner Approx. Rs.200 to 300
88A Toner Approx. Rs.150 to 200
18A Toner Approx. Rs.300
328 Toner Approx. Rs.200
925 Toner Approx. Rs.250
802 / 803 Approx. Rs.150
818 Approx. Rs.150
21 / 27 Approx. Rs.100
22 Approx. Rs.200
702 Approx. Rs.200
901 Approx. Rs.100
678 / 680 Approx. Rs.40

For other models, please Contact us latest for price. We buy black & colour cartridge models & Rates change every month.

We buy Used Printers
toner buy empty

Let us join
Hands to Recycle
Empty Cartridges.

Save Earth
Save Money
We Buy Empties!
Pls. Call 98410 11947.

toners sell empty

We Buy Used Printer

At ASHCOM, we buy used (Working or not working damaged) Laser printers to recycle & recondition the spares. Models like HP 1020, 1010, 1020 Plus, 1032, 1007, 1008 & MFD 1005 are always more preferred models.

We will offer better price

Please call 98410 11947, 9600 131 209, if you wish to sell the above models of Laser printer dead or active.


We buy Empties (Empty Toners)

Refill & Re-Use to Save Earth

toner buy empty

Let us join
Hands to Recycle

Save Earth
Save Money.

toners sell empty


1. Can I refill My Cartridge?

Yes! You can refill your cartridge, if provision to refill is provided by the Mftr. Almost All HP Cartridges are refillable & reusable. Used HP, Canon, Samsung, Ricoh, Brother, Kyocera Cartridges are also refillable. However, HP is more successful & the best brand to Refill & Reuse; as per our study, record & market survey.

2. Which Cartridge Can’t be refilled? Toner refilling chennai

Very few ink cartridges generally fail in refill and are difficult to re-use; since their circuit don’t have any system to accept the refill successfully. Some cartridges with monopoly microchips are also not refillable, if chip is not available. (Check with us the availability of chip and about non-refillable cartridges.).

3. Can I change Opc Drum & Re-use my Toner?

Yes! You can change the Drum in your used Laser Toner cartridges and Re-use them, if they are not china type; and this is 100% safe, economical & advisable. 4. Which Drum is the best?

Select an Opc Drum with Two-Life Refill warranty & double Coating which can stand 1 refill. We at Ashcom use only such best quality Double-Life Drums for selected cartridges and offer warranty-seal.

5. What’s the life of an Opc Drum?

A good quality drum (like the one we use) stands up to 1 fillings, since it is a Double-coated Drum. The paper used should be of good quality and the place where the printer is kept has to be dust free & less humid. Damage from Pins, Cockroaches, dust etc., has to be avoided, to get good life.

6. How Often Can We Refill? ashcom

INK cartridges should be used twice every week and has to be refilled immediately once the ink is over. Laser Toner can be Refilled & used whenever you need; but try to refill within 6 months; since the remaining powder may get sticky. Especially in rain & winter season fast use & fast refilling is advisable.

7. Which is the best, economical printer to buy?

This is a very common & vital question. Kindly Contact us whenever you wish to buy a printer. We will guide you towards the most economical printer to suit you printing needs. Refillable cartridges and economical printing cost are understood better only by people like us; and we will be very honest in guiding you towards buying the best printer, as we have other before you.

The best printers are those that are economical to use & maintain. The cartridges of all economical printers should be Re-fillable and Re-usable without chip.

8. Laser good or Inkjet good?

Inkjet printers recreate a digital image by spraying ink through microscopic nozzles onto paper. They come in three models: Basic document printer, photo printer and copierscannerprinter (all-inone). Inkjet printers are great for photos and image-heavy documents. They do a better job in printing pictures with vivid colours, high contrasts, and virtually no pixelation, than laser printers. Inkjet printers are also cheap, smaller in size, and its cartridges are easy on the pocket. The icing on the cake is that they don't need warm-up time before printing.
Inkjet ink is water-based, so prints are susceptible to smudging. Inkjet printers have a higher cost per page when it comes to printing, due to their rather inefficient usage of ink. The cartridges require frequent cleaning and some times, they can leak.Also, inkjet printers are not designed to handle high-volume printing.
Laser printers use a toner cartridge that contains fine powder in combination with a heated fuser.They are of two types: Basic document printer and copier scannerprinter (all-in-one). A laser printer is better suited for text documents and produces perfect, sharp black text. Laser printers also handle small font (below 12) sizes far better than inkjet, and are ideal for bulk printing. Also, the laser toner doesn't smudge in case you accidentally spill wa ter on printed papers.
Laser printers are a bit bulky and won't fit in tight spaces. Toner cartridges cost twice as much as inket cartridges , though they last much longer. Laser printers also tend to be noisy.
If you print photos mostly, and maybe an image every now and again, we would recommended an inkjet printer. But, if you are going to print a lot of black and white documents, go for a laser one. The starting price for a colour inkjet printer (all-in-one) is ` 3,000 (approx.) whereas monochrome laser printers with multi-functionality start at around 7,000 (approx.).There are colour laser printers as well, but they are very expensive.
Imp: Before buying, it's important to look at the cost of replacement cartridges and their print yield.

9. Why you must Re-fill & Re-use your cartridges?
Waste - Recycling

2016 : In Delhi alone, almost 60 - 75% of recyclable waste consists of plastic.

Please Re-fill & Re-use your printer cartridges made of plastic. But buy & use only Refillable Toner cartridges and Not "use & throw" China type plastic Toners. Our Ashtone Brand toners are refillable & reusable. This avoids plastic landfills.

Note: Please Contact us if you have any other queries or doubts. Thank you.




Ashcom Bank Detail

You can pay by Card or by NEFT / IMPS, etc.

accept cards

Ashcom Bank Details

Company A/C Name: Ashcom
Bank Name: HDFC Bank Ltd
Bank Branch: Nungambakkam Branch
Bank Address: 40, Nungambakkam High Road,
Nungambakkam,Chennai 600 034
Current Account No.: 00822560003115
MICR No.: 600240006
IFSC: HDFC0000082
PAN # : AABPN2256N

All the products Supplied by Ashcom comes under GST.

(HSN Code #: Toner powder-3707, Ink-3215, OPC Drum, Chip, Print Cartridges & Printer Parts.,etc-8443, Printer Ribbon-9612)

For any clarification please call 98410 11947 / 9600 131 209

Toner Refill

Refill & Re-Use

toner refill

Please do not throw away your used Toner & Inkjet cartridges as toxic waste landfills.

Refill and Re-use them at Ashcom.

Millions of people world-wide are doing it.

Enjoy Refilling!!
Encourage Refilling!!

colour toner

Advantages of Refilling

  • Save the Nation's foreign exchange
  • Save the earth from waste Plastic-fills
  • Encourage Plastic recycling
  • Making the land a safe place for our children
  • Save on printing cost


100% Pocket Friendly + 100% Eco-friendly


Toner Refilling

toner refilling

Advantages of Ashcom Imported Powder

  • Sharper DTP Graphics
  • Optimum Image density
  • Superior Durability
  • High Page yield
  • Fuser friendly powder
  • Depth + Glaze + Clarity

Advantages in Ashcom Refilling

  • Top Quality
  • Quick-Filling
  • Experienced Expert
  • Excellent low rates
  • Multiple filling
  • Latest know-how
  • All parts ex-stock
  • Maximum customers
  • 21 Branches
colour toner

Well trained & experienced experts handle your toner cartridges with great care at ASHCOM.

Instant filling in 20 minutes with test print is provided for all fast moving toners of HP, Canon, Samsung printers.

All most all Laser printer toner catridges can be refilled.

At ASHCOM we use world's best high quality fuser friendly toner powder (both black & color).

colour toner

Toner Recycling

toner recycling

Your Toner cartridges can be refilled once or twice with the original drum.

After that the Cartridge Drum needs replacement.

Changing the drum & blades in your shell with filling is recycling.

These Recycled Cartridges with New Drum can be refilled again. This process can go on in your cartridge for many cycles.

At ASHCOM we use the best MULTI-CYCLE, High yield Green imported Drums and components to recycle.


  • Reduce Friction & Noise
  • Efficient Toner Usage, Less Waste Toner
  • Increase Transfer Efficiency
  • Enhance Fine Image Resolution
  • Multi-Cooled Drums Available For Enhanced Durabilty
  • High-Yield First Quality Drums Available

Poly Powder

The powder used to take print on Technova films, Masters, Butter sheet, Poly-films, Coated Sticker paper etc. is different.

ASHCOM provides the best powder for the above DTP usage. Graphic designers, Calendar & Book publishers, Advertising companies etc. are our regular clients for this exclusive powder filling.

Poly Powder

Contact for a Quick Toner Refill

Public Notice

  1. Ashcom does not have any agents and has not appointed anybody to collect your cartridges on our behalf.

    • Kindly visit our nearest branch with your valuable cartridge for a quick refill. We do not personally collect your cartridges due to various safety & security reasons.

  2. Beware of people who use our trademark & name without our knowledge & permission. Some people, even don't return your cartridges or even change your cartridges and give you another used- semi-damaged cartridge.

  3. Since the Toner powder does heavy environment pollution in your office or work area; We do not encourage refilling at customer place and request all laser toner cartridge users to discourage the refill of toner powder in your office or work area.

  4. Please do not handover your valuable printer cartridges to unknown non-professional people using cheap & old stock raw-materials (like low quality ink/ powder/ drum etc) that damages your cartridge once & for all. Specially be very very careful with your laser toner cartridge and color ink cartridge which can easily get damage if it is not handled properly.

New Toners Powder Rates

New toner powder rate


New InkJet ink rate


XL sponge

XL Refill & XXL Refilling
(XXL refill for Selected models like 12A, 103, 308, 16A, 29X, 93A)

XXL refill & XL Refilling is using the world's best powder that can give maximum page yield, with very less wastage of powder. This is only possible for selected models of toner cartridges. For eg.: If a 12A toner cartridge is filled with our best Top Quality Laser Toner XL Refill it will print approximately upto 1800 pages or even more, depending upon the type of usage. That's because this special Quality powder creates very less wastage of powder and maximum Quantity goes for printing only. Less wastage means more printing & more pages. A XXL powder refilling can print approximately upto 2800 pages or even more.

Some of our regular customers who has volume print, specially ask for this XXL refilling powder, although the rate for this is comparatively little higher than XL & regular economy refill price. Eg.: If an XL 12A toner refill is Rs. 340 + GST which generally people do; a XXL refill for the same toner will costs Rs. 400 + GST ( a little more in price but definitely it's worth trying XXL).

We have XXL page yield powder available only for the above mentioned selected models of toner cartridge, specially 12A types. This is a very very special quality powder with high page-yield (Pls. refer the note below). This XXL powder is totally a New invention in the world by a renowned toner powder manufacturer. Ashcom is glad to provide this powder to our valued customers.

Click here for nearest branches or to contact us

Pls. note: Page yield/ count mentioned is only approximate & for ref. only. This page count mentioned above may vary from user to user; depending on the font size, font style, layout, printer condition, reverse prints, etc.

XL Refill

XL refill rate

Every person generates 6kg e-waste a year: UN

India Has Capacity To Dismantle And Recycle Only 20% Of Such Waste

New Delhi: If the per capita generation of e-waste is taken into account individually, then every person on the planet at present is responsible for generating 6 kg of ewaste annually. 80% (4.8 kg) of this either ends up in landfills or being informally recycled, exposing workers to hazardous and carcinogenic substances and contaminating soil, ground water and food supply system.

This alarming fact was flagged jointly by seven UN agencies on sidelines of the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland on Thursday, urging the world for an overhaul of current system of disposing and recycling of such waste so that it can minimise environmental impacts and create sustainable jobs.

Calling the quantum , being generated globally, a “tsunami of e-waste”, the UN entities said the world produced as much as 50 million tonnes of electronic and electrical waste (e-waste) a year, weighing more than all of the commercial airliners ever made.

Noting that only 20% of the total e-waste is formally recycled, their report warned that the global e-waste production was on track to reach 120 million tonnes per year by 2050 if the current trends continued. Referring to economic aspect of nonrecycled e-waste, it noted how improper management of e-waste is resulting in a significant loss of scarce and valuable raw materials, such as gold, platinum, cobalt and rare earth elements.

“As much as 7% of the world’s gold may currently be contained in e-waste, with 100 times more gold in a tonne of e-waste than in a tonne of gold ore,” said the UN entities.

Figures from the year 2016, compiled as the ‘Global E-Waste Monitor 2017’ by the United Nations University, show that India generated 2 million (20 lakh) tonnes of ewaste out of total 44.7 million tonnes of e-waste globally in that year. Europe and the US contributed to almost one-half of the total ewaste generated annually.

As far as India is concerned, the country has a capacity to dismantle and recycle only 20% (over 4 lakh tonnes) of its total e-waste. Though there is no comprehensive state-wise inventorisation of e-waste generation in India, the country has a total 178 dismantler & recycling units with highest number of such units in Karnataka (57), followed by Maharashtra (32), UP (22), Haryana (16) and Tamil Nadu (14). Asked about India, Gopal Krishna of the Toxic Watch Alliance said, “The threat to public health from e-waste is enormous as environmental and occupational health infrastructure is almost non-existent in the country.”

The existing rules on ewaste management in India mandates producers to be responsible for the collection and financing of systems through the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) concept.Krishna, however, said, “Although e-waste management rules introduced EPR, it remains inadequate. Only 30% of e-waste was required to be collected in first two years, but it did not happen.”

Noting “poor enforcement” of existing rules, Krishna, who has been following the issue for years, said, “Law enforcement agencies are ill equipped to deal with it. Even the issue of dumping of e-waste by foreign countries remains unaddressed.”

Every person generates 6kg e-waste a year: UN

80% of the e-waste generated either ends up in landfills or being informally recycled, exposing workers to hazardous and carcinogenic substances and contaminating soil, ground water and food supply.

-Times of India, 27-01-19

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Source: The Times of India, 21 July 2017

Plastic waste: What man has wrought the bugs try to solve

The tiny landlocked African country Rwanda has banned plastic bags since a few years. The ban has made this war-torn nation much cleaner. Kenya has just announced a ban on plastic bags, and a fine of 4 years in prison and/or $40,000. The Kenyan seacoast has mountains of plastic waste, making life on land, and in the sea, difficult. Another African nation, Morocco, with a coastline of 1,800 km, has had such a ban for almost a decade. It is time that India, with its 7,500-km coastline, learns from these Africans and bans plastic bags and related stuff before we too choke our seacoasts—and land, too—into a man-made disaster.

The Task Force on plastic pollution, set up by the Planning Commission in 2014, estimated that 60 cities across the country generate over 15,000 tons of plastic waste every day—almost 6 million tons per year. This is what we see daily as we walk around the streets. And cattle and other animals, which freely move around the streets, unknowingly devour some of this plastic material, which is not digested but stays put in their stomachs. Ruminants like the cow and buffalo end up dying a slow and painful death. The holy cow meeting an unholy end!

This dump we see daily is just part of the problem. A much greater, and not so visible disaster looms underwater, a lot of this plastic waste from across the world eventually ends up in the oceans, which cover over 70% of the earth’s surface and hold 97% of the earth’s water. The amount of plastic rubbish reaching the oceans is 8 million tons per day—that is, one truckload every minute. This would mean that by 2050, there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish!

What can science do about it? An interesting theoretical analysis was recently made by Professor Richard Sole of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. He estimated that of the huge amounts of plastic thrown in the oceans, the amount floating around is hardly 1%. The rest is sunk way down and/or slowly being degraded or broken down. Which plant, animal or microbe in the ocean might be doing this? And if we identify them, we may have a biological solution to at least part of the problem.

Degrading plastic

There is some interesting research being done towards identifying, isolating and studying the biological species that seem to degrade plastics into small molecules that are usable for safer purposes. The species identified so far are some fungi and bacteria. An elementary review on such ‘biodegradation of plastics’ by A. Muthukumar and S. Veerappanpillai of VIT Vellore lists as many as 32 species of microbes which degrade a variety of plastics which go to make water bottles, carry bags, industrial material and such (see their paper in Intl. J. Pharm. Sci. Rev. Res. 2015; 31 (2:, 204-209; free access). And of immediate relevance to the Indian coastline is a report by Sangeetha Devi and others from Bharathidasan University, Tiruchi, also in 2015 (Marine Pollution Bulletin, 2015; 96: 32-40, no free access). They found that two strains of the fungus aspergillus spp, found in the waters of the Gulf of Mannar degrade the plastic HDPE (which is used to make milk and fruit juice bottles, grocery bags and such).

These fungi seem to release some enzymes which degrade HDPE, essentially breaking up the polymeric molecule into smaller pieces; these enzymes are being studied in some detail by the Tiruchi group. It is clear that further research work from marine organisms will reveal more microbes that are capable of degrading polymeric and plastic wastes. It would also be possible to find their cousins on earth which can degrade these wastes. And, once we study the basic biology and genetics of these plastic-eating bugs, we can genetically modify them in order to make them more efficient and versatile in handling a variety of wastes.

And more data is becoming available on the types of wastes that are being handled by these microbes. In March 2016, a group from Kyoto University found an two enzymes from the microbe they named as Ideonella sakainesis (after the town Sakai in Japan), capable of breaking down the polymer PET (polyethylene terephthalate, used in making packaging trays, polyester clothing and others) into its basic monomeric molecules terephthalic acid and ethylene glycol (S. Yoshida et al., Science 2016; 351: 1196), which are used as building blocks for a variety of chemicals. The microbe is found in soil, sediment, waste water and similar material.

Most recently, a group of Pakistani, Sri Lankan and Chinese scientists together showed that the fungus Aspergillus tubigensis can degrade yet another major plastic material called polyurethane or PU (Sehroon Khan et al, Environmental Pollution, 2017; 225: 469-480). PU is used in the manufacture of car tyres, gaskets, bumpers, fibres, plastic foam, synthetic leathers and so on. The group found this bug in a general city waste disposal site in Islamabad, which suggests that it would very likely be found at several places in India too.

No place for cynicism

A cynical wag once said: what science made, let it unmake. It appears that whether it be in water or land (maybe even in the sky), if we work with focus, we would be able to find such plastic waste degrading organisms, and thus try to ‘unmake’ the problem. We can even genetically modify them to suit the purpose. This type of research will bring a great deal of benefit to not only terrestrial life forms but those living under water as well. Ironically enough, work of this kind could even fetch a Nobel Prize for safely breaking down plastics, just as Nobels were given for making plastics in the first place.

Source: The Hindu, 03 Sep 2017


Only 1.5% of electronic waste generated in India is recycled through an `institutional process', industry body Assocham has said. E-waste is ing 30% yearly and set to explode beyond the 1.8 million metric tonnes India generated in 2014, given the rapid penetration of mobiles, computers and other consumer devices. A snapshot of where India, the world's fifth largest producer of e-waste, stands

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Source: Times of India, 22 Sep 2017

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